I listen, absorb and analyse

In my day-to-day roles at Travellers, I worked in environments that were highly susceptible to change; this required me to have a systematic approach, underpinned by strong analytical skills. I have a proven track of being able to work with staff and partners to identify the problem(s), evaluate options and make difficult decisions where necessary.

For example, when a popular project was suddenly unable to host volunteers, I had to find a solution quickly to retain the bookings.  The customers for this project comprised of 10% of the total bookings for that year, therefore, their loss would not only have had a significant financial impact, but there was also the risk of reputational damage. The problem was resolved by making compromises, relocating some of the bookings to a similar project and working with clients to explain the situation and adjust dates.

Other challenges included price increases and dealing with problems or complaints which often required a high level of diplomacy and care to implement the best possible solutions by reviewing, engaging and rectifying situations swiftly to maximise results.

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Enhancing productivity - Strategic planning and action - Creating business opportunities - Project and change management - Coaching and line management - Crisis and safety management - Finances and budgeting -              Data protection and compliance


I successfully enhanced productivity by 45%​ and boosted client and project satisfaction ratings at Travellers by a third.  This was achieved by setting clear objectives using plain language and analysing administration processes and workflows to design effective services.

To support this, I created and maintained manuals, workshops and monitoring systems using key performance indicators. These enabled me to monitor personnel, reviews and analyse how projects were performing to ensure customers received the best possible experience.


I thrive at finding solutions to problems and have a strong track record in strategic planning, overseeing projects from inception to delivery that significantly contributed to the company. For example, following the 2008 financial crash and 2012 tuition fees increase, which resulted in a 65% fall in young travellers, I successfully:

  • Designed and launched new programmes for groups, families and bespoke travellers, which by 2016 accounted for 45% of projects sold.

  • Created new overseas sales and marketing opportunities which contributed to over 60% of bookings.

  • Increased company revenue by introducing a series of add-ons and services that could be purchased onto the main programme.

This was achieved by establishing clear objectives, setting challenging but realistic goals, employing excellent communication, and understanding the team’s talents and commitment.


I was at the forefront of many of the key business decisions made at Travellers, which included driving many initiatives from concept to implementation. I produced business cases and evaluation reports, analysis reports, budget forecasting, processes and delivery options to determine best fit the company’s mission and priorities. The business case was essential when deciding to expand Travellers’ operations into New Zealand and Australia, which resulted in gaining 30% of total bookings for the company.


During my time at Travellers, I successfully developed half of its projects and introduced ten new countries.

Through destination feasibility studies, exploring purchasing power parity, strong communication and collaboration with the UK and overseas team, I secured support for these projects and changes, leading to efficient and effective implementation.


I am passionate about building talent and helping people achieve their goals. I effectively led dispersed teams across six continents through understanding the individuals, their duties, and their working environment. To motivate teams around common goals and objectives, I would have regular catchups to monitor performance and wellbeing, join them in the field, and focus on building trust and maintaining commitment and collaboration. I also embedded monitoring systems to collate performance information, local data and customer feedback to inform business improvement plans and individual development plans.


Health and safety are at the forefront of everything I do. At Travellers, I implemented a robust risk management framework to mitigate risk, including planning crisis scenarios and monitoring destinations and training personnel. I also conformed Travellers to BS8848, a British Standard for managing safety overseas and instigated many safeguarding and vetting procedures.

These systems not only improved safeguards for everyone and refined our internal systems; they also enhanced productivity amongst personnel and enriched the experience, engagement and trust among our volunteers and stakeholders.


I successfully met net and gross profit targets by implementing sustainable business practices, including paying overseas programmes on a fee per client basis, increasing partnership relations and other cost-saving techniques to reduce overheads, maintain the businesses’ competitiveness and adapt to changing market conditions.


I was responsible for ensuring Travellers complied with the EU GDPR before it was enforced in 2018 and developed our internal administration processes and training.

As Travellers worked outside the European Union (EU), conditions were stricter and consequence more severe. This posed a challenge to ensure that all stakeholders complied with both EU requirements and local legislation in the countries we operated in.

Following official guidance, I assimilated the information and presented it in a manner accessible to colleagues and clients alike. This included producing appropriate documentation for our UK staff and overseas teams, training and producing external information for the public regarding our obligation and responsibilities, which helped Travellers maximise compliance and data protection.