Operations and volunteer expert helping to deliver depth, structure and meaningful experience to every programme

For over 15 years, I have led domestic and international teams developing and managing volunteer programmes for leading international charities and organisations, including the British Asian Trust (part of Elephant Family), a charity working towards tackling poverty and hardship in South Asia and Travellers Worldwide, an overseas volunteer and adventure specialist company. 

I thrive at solving problems, delivering excellent volunteer experiences while helping individuals and projects grow, tackling every challenge in my career with passion, strategy and commitment.

During my career, I have successfully: 

  • Created over one hundred volunteer programmes worldwide.

  • Started ten new countries to host volunteer projects. 

  • Designed bespoke programmes for families, groups and independent travellers;

  • Conformed organisations to BS8848, a British Standard for organising expeditions and managing safety overseas.

  • Spearheaded new overseas sales and marketing divisions.

  • Enhanced and simplified internal and external systems.

  • Improved volunteer and user experience.

  • Built crisis and safety management response systems.

  • Enhanced quality performance controls.

  • Implemented sustainable business and budgeting practices;

  • and much more.

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